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On this blog : my art. Hi!

Heads up! I am taking commissions if you all are interested?

I am offering something I thought would be fun to start doing.. :3

Pinup girls! You decided the theme! 

You can also pick three colors if you get flats or a rendered images!

For example, the above is a cute flan girl. <3

B&W Lines will be $20

Flat colors will be $25

Rendered finish will be $40

I am still offering sketch commissions (not as clean and you guys have seen it before) for $15

If you are interested please send me an e-mail at : vvalenci@c.ringling.edu

Depending on the jobs I get will depend on how many I know I can take on. :3c

(ie I can take more flats and B&W jobs verses my rendered finishes which will take more time!)

Hope to hear from you soon.. :3

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